OISHI Group Investing Big In Thailand’s Future

Pretty much everyone who has been to Thailand has heard of Oishi.  From their extensive line of beverages sold at any corner store, to their restaurant presence, the company has done well in Thailand but they aren’t done yet!

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Oishi’s President and Chief Executive Marut Buranasetkul said that the company has set a higher budget for 2017, which began at the start of the fiscal year on Oct 1st.  “We’re confident in the government’s planned investment and stimulus measures set for next year,” he added.  The total budget increased by more than 70% to 1.2 billion baht for expansion.

Oishi finished out fiscal year 2016 with sales of approximately 10.4 billion baht and a net profit of 887 million baht.

Of the aforementioned budget, 600 million will be used towards beverage expansion, 300 million on food and the remainder on various other means of company enhancement.  Mr. Marut stated that the company will continue expansion of the business, but more cautiously than they have done in the past.  Oishi is striving to have stable growth across the board in sales and profits.

The company plans to continue upgrades to the Japanese food brands that fall under their purview, Oishi Buffet, Nikuya and Kakashi but also to introduce some new projects.  Oishi Eaterium will be launched early next month at Central Festival EastVille on Ekamai-Ram Intra Road in Bangkok.  Plans for a new eatery at Big C branches are also in the works.

The expansion will be in addition to the company’s mass of 242 restaurants in Thailand and will see restaurants opened in Laos and Cambodia in 2017 and leading into Vietnam in 2018.

The company plans to lean out their distribution processes significantly by collaborating with companies from the Thai Beverage Group.  Tea will soon be distributed to Europe and the Middle East in the near future in yet another addition. 


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