Moto-Fit – The Motorbike Fitness Theory

I posted on this topic about a year ago on social media. I was asked the other day whether or not I still believe that riding a motorbike every day contributes to weight loss.

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If you take the time to actually think about it, the theory makes sense. Every fitness and abdominal workout program that I have ever done tells you one thing “keep your core tight.”
Riding a motorbike in Thailand forces you to do just that. Thailand has a vast number of potential road hazards to worry about from soi dogs to new potholes that appear daily (some of which could swallow a motorbike.)

In order to avoid the road hazards, a driver must learn to accurately veer and swerve around the hazard. This is not possible without using core and abdominal muscles.
With there being so many cars on the road, drivers are always squeezing the brakes. Whether the tough bikers on their beach cruisers want to admit it or not, the constant braking is a great forearm workout, much like one of those grip machines.

When I lived in America, I had a motorcycle that I could ride for 4 months out of the year due to rain and ice in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately this is the case in many western countries, fortunately for us that is not the case in here.
The moral of the story? Drop the Weight Watchers, flush those diet pills down the toilet and save that money for a one way plane ticket to Thailand for a life of slow eating and weight loss.


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