Costco-Mexico Now Importing Rice From Thailand

Costco-Mexico Superstore has begun importing Thai rice for distribution throughout their 32 branches in 18 Mexican city-states.

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112 tons of Thai rice has been imported so far in an effort between the Thai Trade Center in Mexico and Otis McAllister Co. Ltd. to expand their efforts in Central America.

Mexico will be the base of distribution for the rest of Central America to include Panama and Cuba according to Malee Choklumlerd, the Department of International Trade Promotion’s Director General.

Panama has a deficiency of rice for local needs and the government recently increased the country’s imports of rice to 67,000 tons.

Cuba is another potential market, but any and all trade deals with Cuba will need to be handled by authorized importers.

The 759 Store in Hong Kong also imported several different types of rice from Thailand last week in excess of 136 tons. The superstore has a memorandum of understanding with Siam Diamond Export Thailand that they will import 10,000 tons of rice total.

The memorandum was established to promote Thai rice in Hong Kong.

Costco-Mexico may be joining up with the Thai Trade Center in the future for Thai rice to expand in Mexico according to Apiradi Tantraporn, the Thai Commerce Minister.


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