Cabinet Approves 25B Infrastructure Plan For 2017

An infrastructure action plan worth 895.8 billion baht was approved Tuesday by Thailand’s cabinet for 2017.  Investment projects throughout the kingdom are increasing as the current military government attempts to boost the economy even further.


In May of 2014 the military junta seized power of Thailand to put an end to months of political unrest throughout the land and has been working to revive the Thai economy, which is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia.

The Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s office explained that the plan includes 36 overall infrastructure projects to include railways, roads, air transportation and ports throughout Thailand.

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Airport expansions, highway projects and approximately 15 new railway routes through Bangkok are a few of the projects that will begin by 2017.

576 billion baht will be borrowed and any remaining costs will come from the government budget, public and private investors and an infrastructure fund.  Previously Thailand saw 20 large infrastructure projects unveiled by the military with a total cost of 1.4 trillion baht.  Thailand appears to be on the up and up and is not showing signs of slowing down.

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