Breasts Far Superior To Gym Membership

Short on breath?  Ticker not ticking quite as good as it used to?  Are you the type that has a gym membership that you never use?  Well cancel that membership and stack away your funds.  A new study shows that staring at the chesticles of a woman for a few minutes a day is actually healthier for you.


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10 minutes of ogling is the equivalent of a 30-minute crossfit workout.  Sexual arousal of any type gets the blood flowing, releases dopamine and endorphins in the brain and has been known to jumpstart the otherwise flaccid nether-regions of men around the globe.

A group of 250 men were tested over the course of a two year study.  Half of the men went on living their mundane lives from 9 to 5 and having regular masturbatory sessions with only the use of their imaginations.  The other half were sat down for 10 minutes per day and were flashed image after image of various bosoms, a variety of which could only be topped by the different types of Hot Wheels that have been created through the years.

The men who were not issued the treatment were prone to depression, heightened blood pressure, sudden and frequent erections, nocturnal emissions and angry vicious outbursts.

The second half of the test subjects, who received the treatment, showed lower blood pressure readings, slower resting pulse rates and had a decreased risk of heart disease and better cardiovascular circulation.


Start Your Treatment Off Right

Let’s face it gentlemen, when it comes to breasts, we are like women in a shoe store already, we want to see every pair.  Now that you know it can improve your health and contribute to a long happy life, cancel that gym membership and instead get yourself a plane ticket to Pattaya for some treatment.

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