Bangkok City – Most Wallet Friendly Destination

With the world economy the way it is these days, everyone is looking for the next best cheap place to take their vacations.  TripAdvisor has gone and made it easy for you with a new study.


TripAdvisor recently conducted a study and have results show that Bangkok of all places is the friendliest on the wallet for a week in high season.  The company tallied up round trip airfare, seven nights of hotel stays and three meals per day for their top destinations.

Bangkok was the least expensive and fourth most desirable destination out of TripAdvisor’s top ten destinations.  The most desirable travel destinations were Bali, Luzon, and Hong Kong, they were not however, the most affordable on the wallet:

TripAdvisor’s List- Least to Most Expensive Trip

Bangkok, Thailand: THB 43,451

Cebu Island, Philippines: THB 45,868

Luzon, Philippines: THB 46,197

Boracay, Philippines: THB 52,352

Bali, Indonesia: THB 48,957

Phuket, Thailand: THB 49,861

Singapore: THB 59,661

Hong Kong, China: THB 66,482

Seoul, South Korea: THB 66,773

Tokyo, Japan: THB 70,431

Thanks to the study, TripAdvisor has also passed on when the cheapest times to travel are.  If you are heading to Thailand, the week of January 16th is your window. 


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